[see description]The Decimal and Fraction Charts abound in visual patterns that challenge students to perform computations with decimals and fractions and entice them to discover a myriad of mathematical patterns among the numbers.

The poster has the chart on the left side and, on the right, directions for finding patterns. Each wall chart consists of an 11x11 matrix of squares that contain nine numbers (decimals or fractions, depending on the chart). The numbers in each square relate to one another via the four arithmetic operations, and the numbers in each position have equal value on both charts (for example, where the Fraction Chart has 3/8, the Decimal Chart has 0.325 in the same position). By comparing numbers in similar locations, students can find many patterns among them. In addition, the chart is divided in half along a diagonal to encourage investigation of patterns with respect to the halves. The poster also serves as the teacher's guide in the Classroom Set.

The student version of each chart consists of 25 of the squares and 10 sample patterns on the top. The patterns found on each chart apply to the other because of the equality of the decimal and fractional values in each position on the chart. Using these charts together will help reinforce the concept of decimal–fraction equivalence.

Both the Decimal Chart and the Fraction Chart are recommended for upper-elementary to middle-school students for their diverse concepts and the skills that the students will learn.

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