Multiplication Plus™ Circus of Patterns

Multiplication Plus™ has been carefully designed to be both instructive to the student and incentive to independent study.Challenging and fun for all grade levels!

With two major applications — discovery of number patterns, and drill and practice in all four basic operations — Multiplication Plus™ Circus of Patterns presents a great range and diversity of mathematical concepts, from simple addition to complex numerical relationships. This unique tool will introduce participants to the wondrous logical patterns found in number systems. It is designed to evoke in students of all ability levels the fun and challenge in discovering relationships between and among numbers. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore mathematical concepts by using an important problem-solving strategy — recognizing patterns.

Multiplication Plus™ has three basic components: the Whole Number Chart, the Decimal Chart, and the Fraction Chart. The more advanced Discovery Chart and Sequence Chart augment the basic charts and round out the Circus of Patterns series. All patterns involve the four basic arithmetic operations.

Each Circus of Patterns chart comes in a wall poster that has on its left side an attractive array of numbers and on its right an explanation of the patterns in the array. The Whole Number, Decimal, and Fraction Charts are also available as Classroom Sets; these bundle a wall poster of the relevant chart with 15 smaller charts, to act as as teacher's guide and student study aids. A set of Algebraic Charts has just completed development, and will be available soon.

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Here are just a few of the many comments we've received from our Circus of Patterns customers:

We were so intrigued and impressed with your mathematical patterns chart that we'd like to purchase some of your kits for our school.

Gayle Smith
Cold Spring Elementary School PTA
Potomac MD

Enclosed you'll find a check for two sets of the Circus of Patterns. It looks fascinating. I'm running a math lab for six 4th-grade girls. I want them to get hooked on math. This looks like a great resource.

Sandra Robinson
Bethesda MD


I read about your marvelous charts in the "Horizon" section of the Washington Post. I am eager to use them in my 3rd-grade classroom.

Vicki D. Lubkeman
Washington DC

I enjoyed the article in the "Horizon" section of the Washington Post on Multiplication Plus Circus of Patterns. Being a Middle School math teacher, I am always looking for exciting new materials. This poster will fit the bill!

Marian Elliot
Charlottesville VA

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